LED Rücklicht GREEN Grote

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M-Nummer M966A1, M998A1, M1038A1 W/W, M997A1, M1035A1, M1045A1, M1043A1, M1044A1 W/W, M1046A1 W/W, M1097A1, M997A2, M996A1, M1025A1, M1026A1 W/W, M1035A2, M1045A2, M1043A2, M1097A2, M1025A2, M966, M998, M1038 W/W, M997, M996, M1025, M1026 W/W, M1035, M1037, M1045, M1043, M1044 W/W, M1046 W/W, M1042 W/W, M1097, M1121, M1123, M1151A1, M1151, M1167, M1165, M1165A1, M1152A1, M1152, M1113, M1114
Motor 6.2L, 6.5 NA, 6.5L TD, 6.6L



Operates from 10- to 34-volts to accommodate 14- and 28-volt systems
Designed to use military connectors to interface with MS27144-2
Bucket mount can be easily installed / removed with Standard and Phillips style screwdrivers
Durable polycarbonate lens, housing, and bucket
Yellow, zinc-plated steel hardware
Textured lens to reduce glare
Designed to comply with FMVSS108 and MILSTD1179 Standards also follows STANAG4381 Guidelines
Molded housing colors: Green #34094, Tan #33446 and Black #37031
Camouflaged backout marker to reduce signature of military vehicle
Lamp for use on vehicles 2032 mm or wider


Material: Polycarbonate
Finish: Desert Tan/Military Green/Black
Voltage Amp: 14V - .205(I,S)/.029(T)A
Voltage Amp: 28V - .110(I,S)/.024(T)
Voltage Amp: 14-28V - .0116 (Blackout Tail/Stop)A
Voltage Amp: 14V - .205 (I-HMMWV)
Voltage Amp: 28V - .110 (I-HMMWV)

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